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Samurai Shuffle

A strategic duel that fits in your pocket!

Blue and White Eggs
Samurai Shuffle


A Strategic Duel for 2 Players!

Attack, Block, and Maneuver to strike your opponent twice before they strike you.

THE CATCH: You play two cards a turn, but only draw one card a turn. Oh yeah, and when your deck is empty - ITS EMPTY! No more draws!

THE TWIST: Employ next level tactics to Focus and use Special Moves in order to shuffle cards back into your deck and draw extra cards.

Which cards will you shuffle? How will you trap your opponent?

Do you lie in wait or do you STRIKE on TURN 1 for the WIN!

Learn in 5 Minutes
Endlessley Replayable
Learn your opponent to win
Fun and exciting for players 12 - 112 (My very own kid beats me at least once a week).


Read your Opponent!

Blue and White Eggs
Blue and White Eggs
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